Become a Taxi Driver with Abba Cars!

Want to become a taxi driver with Warrington's largest and more reliable taxi company? Contact Abba Cars today for more information about our taxi driver jobs.

Would you like to become a driver and join the largest, most successful taxi company in Warrington? Giving yourself Great earnings potential. Using your own car or being supplied with one 24/7 (including private use).

We have over 330 drivers on our books and our taxi services are expanding fast. Are you a friendly, reliable, helpful and dependable person. A night owl or an early riser? If you are and you think you have what it takes, then we would like to hear from you so get in touch with us now.

How do I become a Driver with ABBA CARS?

Well, firstly, come along for a coffee and a chat and collect your free New Driver Training pack from our head office on Crown Street by Central Station. Or simply give us a call on 01925 444444 asking for Jim or Matt. We will give you help and advice on gaining your Warrington Taxi Badge. All new drivers need to have this Licence Badge before you can drive for us.

Whats involved?

Step 1: How do I apply?

We’ll explain what is involved and walk you through the process. Please attend our free training academy on a Tuesday/Thursday 11:00 till 13:00 and Saturday 08:00 till 11:00.

We now have the facility to download both, your Application and D.B.S. records check forms. We will help you accurately complete these and e-mail them back to the Council. Saving you time when attending your appointment as you will simply be verifying the forms. We’ll even call the Council’s Taxi Licensing for you to book your appointment on: 01925 442517.

Step 2: Starting your application process with Warrington Council Taxi Licensing.

Here is what the Council require:

  1. Book a Test application date with the Council (asap)
  2. Attend your appointment to complete the application and pay the Council fees.
  3. Book a DVLA level 2 medical with either your own Doctor or Hollins Park hospital.
  4. Apply for a enhanced D.B.S records check.
  5. Take a D.S.A driving competency test.
  6. D.V.L.A check
ABBA CARS refund these cost to drivers who then join our system.

Taxi Licensing is located at New town House, just across the road from our head office. They will issue you with 2 booklets to study.

Step 3: What does the Council’s Knowledge Test involve?

There are 7 parts to the test:

  1. Learning the shortest routes.
  2. Understanding of the Warrington street area map (Quadrant)
  3. Local history knowledge
  4. Taxi Law
  5. Disability awareness
  6. Tariffs (simple maths)
  7. The Highway Code.

Step 4: Is there any help for me with the knowledge test?


Our team of trainers will help guide you through all of these stages. Their vast experience of the taxi industry and understanding of the Council Test will help you to pass your test faster and get your Badge. We will get you up and running on the road in the shortest possible time. We hold training sessions twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday’s. We welcome you to come along and join them and see our business in operation.

Plated Vehicle suppliers to our System are contactable on;

Jim of 'Jockey a Cab' 07860-528573 & 0151 356 3335

Stuart/Josh of 'WVG' 07852-101801 & 07743-035054